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June 14, 2011

10 reasons to use Azure for your cloud apps

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1. Familiarity of Windows

Based on Windows you can write .NET apps using C#/VB/C++ and ASP.NET/MVC/Silverlight.

Easy to migrate existing Windows applications.

2. 64-bit Windows Virtual Machines

Each instance of the app running in its own VM on the 64-bit Windows Server 2008 operating system. The hypervisor on which they run is designed specifically for the cloud. You don’t have to supply your own VMs or deal with managing and maintaining the OS because apps are developed using Web role instances or worker role instances that run in their own VMs

3. Azure SDK

You can run locally (on your PC) when developing and debugging an application and then move it to the cloud.

4. Scalability and flexibility

Using Azure, you can easily create applications that run reliably and scale from 10 to 10 thousand or even 10 million users — without any additional coding. Azure Storage provides scalable, secure, performance-efficient storage services in the cloud.

5. Cost benefits and pricing model

No costs for building and/or expanding on-premises resources, pay as you go model.

6. Data Center in the cloud

Relational database engine in the cloud offered by SQL Azure.You get high availability and reliability with redundant copies of your data and automatic failover.

7. Support resources

Because Azure uses the same familiar tools and technologies as other Windows platforms, you can take advantage of the well-established support structure within Microsoft and company-provided resources. Strong communities and world wide forums.

8. Interoperability

You can develop hybrid applications that allow your on-premises applications to use cloud services, such as the cloud database and storage services. Communications services work between on-premises applications and the cloud, as well as mobile devices (HTTP,XML,SOAP,REST). SDKs for Java,PHP,Ruby.

9. Security

Windows Azure AppFabric provides a powerful mechanism to secure your application and your communications to the app.

10. Something for everyone

Windows Azure can benefit hosting providers, ISVs, systems integrators, and custom software developers. Hosting providers can expand their services to areas where they don’t have existing infrastructure and add new services without more infrastructure investment. ISVs can use Azure to create, deploy, and manage Web apps and SaaS without large capital expenditures, and they can scale those applications more quickly and cost effectively. Systems integrators can take advantage of Azure’s ability to work with existing on-premise infrastructures. Custom software developers can create software solutions for customers who can’t afford the costs of in-house development, including hardware costs, and they can deliver their applications to customers as services without building and maintaining an expensive data center.


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