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May 25, 2010

Why I hate Apple!

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These days and weeks it happens to need some informations about the capabilities of running a web app. on iPhone. Actually I need to find how can I capture video and audio from iPhone’s camera and mic. from a web app., if I can. The final purpose is to send the captured a/v stream to a streaming server. For that I need to encode somehow the captured bytes.

I’ve started to google. But with no results. I thought QuickTime is the solution. No resources found. In the end I’ve called to developers support in UK and I’ve told them my problem. Now their answers: “Yes it’s possible, if you need to find out how please enroll in the program dedicated to developers”. That means $99/year. I’m not an Apple developer, I just want to build my app. to run on iPhone.

Posts on dev forums at Apple? Maybe if I’ll pay to Apple. On stackoverflow.com? Of course. No one had an answer. Moreover no simulators are available for iPhone on Windows. To buy one? No way. I’m waiting for the Windows Phone 7.

Conclusion: If you need something from Apple, first of all please sell your house, car, kids and wife and then come back to Apple. Why Apple can do this? They have no competitors. Android is too weak, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is in the MS labs, Nokia & the rest sell just phones. Apple I hate you!


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