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October 24, 2008

Time for life coding…

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What happens when you realize that you have to go to the dentist ? First of all you are scared a little bit, or you have a panic attack or you simply say…NO…or you do not even want to think about it. But it comes a day when it happens to say YES. (And is not that day when you get married…). And you go the dentist, scared because of the chair and its tiny machines, the peoples in white near you…or just because of “phobic problems” . But what may happens so badly ? Watch this:

This happens, if you are Bean.

It was no surprise for me when it happened to have to go to dentist. Beware of Mr.Bean’s experience I have just imagined that I sit in F1 car, of course not an usual one…a red one… I was scared a little bit, I have to admit. But I met a wonderful and cool doctor – Dr.Razvan. He “killers” you with jokes, fun and he fills you with positive energy. Before all these he gave you a dental anesthesia in order not to be able to feel something when you laugh. It’s so cool… And in the end you will see that all your medical problems are fixed in the best professional manner, all your dental bugs are fixed, and you are  filled with a positive energy for the rest of the day. You enter at Dr.Razvan’s clinics worried about your “medical bugs” and you get out not worring anymore, just filled with positive energy and having a “bestial” job done by this cool doctor. I recommend him, it’s a great professional and a wonderful person.


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